Reduce noise in Slack

Slack keeps all your team communication in one place, but your team does a lot! These tips will help you manage what gets your attention and what doesn’t.

Leave channels

It’s okay to leave channels that aren’t relevant to you. In fact, we recommend it. Channel content will remain available and searchable, and you can always rejoin at a later time.

Mute conversations

Try muting channels and direct messages you only need to check occasionally. Muted conversations won’t appear bolded when there’s unread activity and you won't be notified if you’re mentioned. Muting is also handy for channels with lots of updates from bots, like your Twitter feed.

Archive channels

You can archive channels you no longer need. All contents will be saved and remain searchable, but no new activity can be posted to the channel. Archiving affects every channel member, so if you aren’t sure whether the channel is still relevant for others, it’s best to double-check with everyone first.

Pause your notifications

When you really need to focus, turn on Do Not Disturb (DND) to pause your notifications for as long as you need. Your teammates can see that you’ve paused your notifications, and they can choose to notify you of urgent direct messages.


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