A simpler design for composing messages

Starting in November 2021, you’ll notice some changes to the layout of icons and tools related to composing messages in Slack. Keep reading to get familiar with what’s changed and why.

Note: These changes are rolling out gradually. We appreciate your patience as we make them available to everyone.


What's changed


  • Access essential actions from one place: In the same number of clicks as before, add attachments or use shortcuts and workflows from the  plus icon.
  • Find like-for-like grouped together: Spend less time digging through all of the options — for example, audio and video icons are now side-by-side in an accessible location.
  • Streamlined viewing on different sized screens: All of the icons and actions now fit nicely on the screen, whether you’ve adjusted the desktop app window or your zoom level.



Why did Slack’s design change? 

We’re committed to improving our users' experience with Slack. Since adding new features (like huddles and clips), we realized we needed these design updates to simplify and declutter the options for composing messages.


Where did the paper clip icon go?

You’ll find the option to add attachments by clicking the   plus icon. It’s the same number of clicks, but you can also double-click on the   plus icon and upload faster! You can always drag and drop files into the message field, if you feel like it. 

Why don’t I see the message formatting options?

Our research shows that people generally want fewer buttons in their way, so we hid the formatting toolbar by default. To show it, click the   text formatting icon. If you choose to keep it tucked away, you can always highlight text to reveal formatting options while you type.


Where is the lightning bolt icon for shortcuts and workflows?

All of the same shortcuts and workflows can be found by clicking the new   plus icon. If there are workflows in a channel, the plus icon will include a blue lightning bolt.

How do I add files from apps?

To upload files from a file management app like Google Drive, click the  plus icon and search for the name of the app at the top of the menu. Then click on an app shortcut to choose a file.

How do I add files and use shortcuts from my mobile device?

Just tap the   plus icon in the message field to access your photos and videos, record clips, and upload files. You'll find shortcuts there too!

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